Anyone at all that still has this community on their friends list- please post. It was so fun for a while. I think. Anyway!
I'd like to try to get it ative again, so just refer members and post like crazy. I don't care about what.
fairy tale

Stamped // In love

I have realized that I on my last two LJ's, I posted a new entry about a new boy almost every week. I go through boys so quickly and I hate it.
Well not this time, with other guys I may have given up and broken up with them by now, with this whole obsessive ex thing. With TJ, I don't want to.

I am truly in love with him. I can be myself with him. He loves me for who I am. He promised me, ["fuck you" promised, instead of pinky swear"] that I am his only one. I believe him with all of this little heart of mine.

We spent about a total of probably two hours just taking pictures back and forth of each other and us together.

Here are the pictures I have from my phone :]
Under a cut because there are so many.
But still please look, they are sickingly adorable.

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We decided that we needed grills... :]

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